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The Mezuzot Collection
About the Art

This design is inspired by a midrash found in the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Bava Batra 10a. “Rabbi Yehudah teaches: Ten resilient things were created in the world: mountains are mighty, but iron cuts through them; iron is tough, but fire penetrates it; fire is resilient, but water extinguishes it; water is strong, but it evaporates into mist; mist is strong, but wind disperses it; wind is powerful, but the body inhales it; the body is resilient, but fear weakens it; fear is strong, but wine diminishes it; wine is intoxicating, but sleep overcomes it; sleep is overwhelming, but death conquers it; and stronger than death is tzedakah—as it is written, ‘ Righteousness (tzedakah) saves from death’ (Proverbs 10:2).” Each handmade mezuzah mirrors a respective element of the midrash.

Each mezuzah is hand-crafted from polished silver metal; the artwork is inlaid and covered with a gloss finish. Mezuzot may be easily mounted on the frame of any doorway. As you can see from the photographs attached, the mezuzot may be used or gifted individually or the collection may be displayed beautifully as a complete set.

Opening Subscription to The Mezuzot Collection,
Signed and Numbered


Price includes Twelve Illuminated and Hand finished Mezuzot, Exquisite Handmade Presentation Case, and Signed and Numbered Description Card. Certified mezuzot parchments available at additional cost of $750. Shipping Cost: $225 includes Fine Art Packing, Shipping and Insurance (shipped from Jerusalem Fine Art Prints in Israel).

N.B. Only 25 sets are available. Once these are sold, the edition is closed.