Plate 17. The Teaching of Rabban Gamliel

The illumination is divided into three horizontal bands, echoing the structure of the mishnah: Pesah, Matzah and Maror. Rabban Gamliel’s teaching forms the frame, built of square, brick-colored letters, the foundation of the seder experience. The name of each segment appears, divided between the right and left margins. 1. The Pesah or Paschal Lamb and the pilgrimage which preceded its slaughter at twilight on the fourteenth of Nisan comprise the essential Biblical observance of Passover. (Exodus 12:3-8). 2. Seder night is called leyl shimurim, the night of watching, because God watched over the houses of the Israelites. We recall God’s watchful eye in our own act of watching. The painting outlines many of the steps involved in baking matzah. 3. The legal codes offer several choices for bitter vegetables. This window begins in servitude, with an Israelite bent under his burden, and continues with the varied menu of bitter herbs

Dimensions: 29.9 X 41.2 cm | 11.7 X 16.2 in
Price: $750