Ten Levels of Resilience
עשרה דברים קשים נבראו בעולם
Limited Edition Giclee,
Rabbi Matthew L. Berkowitz (2015)

This design is inspired by a midrash found in the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Bava Batra 10a. “Rabbi Yehudah teaches: Ten resilient things were created in the world: mountains are mighty, but iron cuts through them; iron is tough, but fire penetrates it; fire is resilient, but water extinguishes it; water is strong, but it evaporates into mist; mist is strong, but wind disperses it; wind is powerful, but the body inhales it; the body is resilient, but fear weakens it; fear is strong, but wine diminishes it; wine is intoxicating, but sleep overcomes it; sleep is overwhelming, but death conquers it; and stronger than death is tzedakah—as it is written, ‘ Righteousness (tzedakah) saves from death’ (Proverbs 10:2).” Each animated band mirrors a respective element of the midrash.

Prints are limited edition, signed and numbered.

35 X 60 cm | 13.7 X 23.6 in, $1200

55 X 100 cm | 25.6 X 39.3 in, $1600